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Curriculum & Academic Goals

Our Curriculum

Here at First Steps, our curriculum reflects our values of learning through engaging, hands-on lessons, activities, and play! Our learning goals include:

  • Offering children choices

  • Providing time for leisurely exploration and for trying out new activities and ideas.

  • Balancing teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities.

  • Involving content that is interesting and meaningful to children.

  • Involving children regularly in initiating, planning, and implementing activities and then reflecting on what they have learned.

  • Reflecting children’s diverse cultures and communities.

  • Accommodating many learning styles and abilities, and offer many ways to be successful.

  • Providing alternating periods of active and quiet activities.

  • Offering activities in individual, small-group, and large-group formats.

  • Involving staff in regular cycles of planning, implementing, reflecting, and revising.

  • Teaching children to read, spell and write.

Academic Goals will stem from the following subjects:

  • Bible 

  • Social Development

  • Math

  • Language Arts

  • Science Health

  • Outside Play

  • Music

Academic Goals

Our goals include the use of cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual domains.  Though these realms have individual character we recognize that there is integration among them all.  A few of these goals within each realm are:


  • Inspire awareness and understanding.

  • Stimulate creativity and wonder.

  • Encourage reflection and evaluation.


  • Encourage the development of fine motor and gross motor skills.

  • Encourage proper health habits.


  • Social respect for God, others and property.

  • Train to participate cooperatively in a group.

  • Encourage self-control.


  • Gain a sense of self and motivations.

  • Recognize personal behavior.

  • Encourage a sense of competence and satisfaction in the mastery of new skills.


  • Gain understanding of God’s love and forgiveness.

  • Inspire love for God and life lived for Him.

  • Love one another as ourselves.

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